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Welcome Tinisha Jones: Our New Multimedia Coordinator

We are delighted to introduce Tinisha Jones, the newest member of our team, who joins us as our Multimedia Coordinator. Tinisha’s journey in the world of public relations and digital media is both inspiring and impressive, making her a fantastic addition to our organization.

A Strong Foundation in Public Relations

Tinisha holds a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Florida A&M University. During her academic career, she immersed herself in various roles, gaining invaluable experience and honing her skills. Tinisha’s academic background provided her with a solid foundation in communication strategies, media relations, and content creation, all of which are critical to our mission of storytelling and community engagement.

Diverse Experience in Digital Media

Tinisha’s professional journey is marked by diverse experiences that have shaped her expertise. She has worked as a public relations intern, a marketing and program assistant, and a media correspondent, among other roles. Through these positions, she has developed a keen eye for creating compelling and engaging content across various digital media platforms.

At her previous internships, Tinisha was instrumental in crafting impactful content and engaging with different audiences through innovative media strategies. Her ability to blend creativity with strategic thinking makes her an exceptional fit for our team.

Passionate About Storytelling and Community Engagement

What sets Tinisha apart is her passion for storytelling and community engagement. She understands the power of narratives in connecting people and driving change. Tinisha is eager to use her skills to amplify the voices of our community and share their stories in meaningful ways.

What Tinisha Will Be Contributing

As our Multimedia Coordinator, Tinisha will be responsible for creating and managing a wide range of digital content. This includes producing videos, designing graphics, and curating social media campaigns that highlight our mission and the incredible stories of those we serve. Her role is pivotal in ensuring our message reaches and resonates with our audience, fostering a deeper connection with our community.

Tinisha will also play a key role in our upcoming projects, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives to our team. Her expertise in digital media will help us enhance our online presence and engage more effectively with our supporters and stakeholders.

A Warm Welcome

We are excited to have Tinisha on board and look forward to the innovative contributions she will bring to our team. Her dedication, creativity, and passion for storytelling are exactly what we need to continue our mission of making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Please join us in giving a warm welcome to Tinisha Jones! Stay tuned for her inspiring contributions and follow along as we embark on this new chapter together.