Senior Leadership

Zachary S. Wray

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jameson M. Dörmann

Chief Operating Officer

Latoria S. Bethea

State Director

Scott Bowling, PsyD

Vice President of Business Development

Sheddricka L. Burch-Montgomery

Director of Finance

Kathleen M. Childs

Vice President of Business Development

Margaret Feldman

Vice President of Development

Richard S. Glaesser, PhD

Director of Professional Development

Violet A. Gonzalez

Director of Government Affairs

Norma Israel

Director of Quality Enhancement

Julie S. Krug

Vice President of Risk Management

Michelle R. Pitts

Regional Director

Juan A. Ramos

Vice President of Financial Operations

Iviana Rico'Arango

State Director

Gilberto Sanchez

Director of Engineering

James G. Weeks, PhD

Vice President