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Refuge From the Storm

At Sunrise we pride ourselves on taking an innovative, person-centered approach in assisting and empowering men and women with disabilities. We work diligently to provide for their needs through the best of times, but especially during the most challenging of times. In South Florida, nothing is more challenging than ensuring the safety, comfort, and well-being of the people in our care during the hurricane season.

Our Refuge from the Storm program was developed so that the needs of people with disabilities are thoroughly covered during the hurricane season. This Give Miami Day, November 19th, we encourage you to share our campaign with your friends and family. Your financial support will go towards installing hurricane protection on two additional homes so that the people we support can ride out the storm in the safety and comfort of their home.

Over the last few decades, our organization has grown and evolved to better address the needs of families in the community. But throughout our journey, we could not have developed so much without the support from people like you. Your contribution matters and will help us in continuing our mission to create valued lives for people with disabilities!