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Making Education a Priority

At Sunrise, our employees are our greatest asset, and supporting them is a top priority. We offer benefits that make positive contributions to the well-being and professional development of our employees. We support our employees’ career goals by providing a competitive Educational Assistance Program that encourages them to pursue career paths within the industry.

With minimal requirements for eligibility, it is easy to take advantage of the Educational Assistance Program. Eligible employees may participate in the program after just one year of employment. In addition to tuition reimbursement, the program also provides financial assistance for industry-relevant professional certifications and licenses. The growth of our employees is important to us. Our performance expectations are high, but so is our dedication to each employee’s success.

“Through our investment in you, we grow together!”

– Sunrise Community, Inc.

A shining example of a Sunrise employee who demonstrates continuous professional growth is Peggie Burton. We are so happy to congratulate her on obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from South University! Her hard work and determination have paid off, and we are grateful to have played a role by supporting her efforts through the Educational Assistance Program.

Peggie has worked with Sunrise for 32 years, since the age of 17. She started with Sunrise as a Residential Training Instructor, now known as a Direct Support Professional. Peggie worked as a DSP for 14 years and felt inspired to start her transition to a Licensed Practical Nurse after a conversation with a nurse on staff who was impressed with her knowledge. Peggie remained focused on her goals and finished her LPN track with a stellar performance. She continued her work as an LPN for seven years and then decided it was time for her next educational/professional endeavor to become a Registered Nurse.

From 2011 to 2019, Peggie worked as an RN with Sunrise. Her most recent accomplishment stemmed from a conversation with Jameson Dörmann, Chief Operating Officer at National Headquarters. After a hurricane preparedness meeting, he asked her about her personal and professional goals. She mentioned wanting to receive a Bachelor’s degree, to which Jameson responded with, “I challenge you to do it!” and so she did. Peggie found a BSN program designed for working adults and followed through on obtaining the degree. Peggie Burton, BSN, is a real example of personal and professional growth in our organization.

“Sunrise has supported me through my educational pursuits at every level!”

– Peggie Burton, RN, BSN
Pictured is Peggie Burton holding her degree from South University after finishing her education. Peggie is standing against a green wall. She is wearing green pants and a white floral patterned shirt.

Employees like Peggie, with the will and determination to grow, are why Sunrise continues to invest in their development through the Educational Assistance Program. It does not matter how long it takes to find your ideal career path or preferred level of education – Sunrise will support our employees. If you’re someone interested in joining this industry, Peggie has a word for you:

“So I say to all  DSPs or any other employee, ‘Take good care of our individuals, treat them like they are family, and you will be blessed. You can accomplish your dreams, reach for the stars, and the sky is the limit!’”

– Peggie Burton, RN, BSN