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Celebrating National Nurses Week 2021!

National Nurses Week is celebrated from May 6th to May 12th every year. During this time, we can shine an even brighter spotlight on the nursing staff at Sunrise that devote their lives to taking care of the people we support. Nurses stand apart from most people due to their willingness to make sacrifices for the health and well-being of others. Nurses push past a physically demanding role to perform their duties at a level that only real heroes can.

Although we are grateful for our nursing staff year-round, we can truly appreciate and recognize them for the impact they make during this week. 2020 was a year that put an enormous amount of responsibility and pressure on nurses everywhere. Seven days out of the calendar year is not enough to show how grateful we are, but it is an excellent place to start! As an organization, we have gifted our nursing staff with t-shirts and face masks that show how much we appreciate their dedication to keeping the people we support healthy and safe. We are also offering a special edition Healthcare Heroes polo shirt. To purchase a Sunrise polo for a healthcare professional in your life, click here.

Sunrise employees modeling our National Nurses Week 2021 t-shirts!

There is no series of words we could put together to capture the gratitude we have for our healthcare heroes. For years we have watched their dedication and commitment to those we support bring the mission of Sunrise to life. 2020 was a year that applied a great deal of pressure on our healthcare heroes, and they did not shy away from the challenge. For that, we are so thankful to you all.

Chief Operating Officer and Regional Administrators

This National Nurses Week, take the time to show any nurse in your life how appreciative you are of their profession! Caregivers, support systems, friends, and family… not many people can wear all the hats that nurses do. So, thank you to you all! Today and every day.