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The Philanthropic Spirit is Alive and Well

Over the years, we have worked diligently to improve on safety protection for the people we support during Florida’s hurricane season. As studies and surveys have demonstrated, people with disabilities tend to be more negatively impacted by severe weather and hurricanes than most other minority groups. That is why we have placed a special emphasis on ensuring that our group homes and training centers become safe havens during such critical moments.

As we have in the previous few years, we sought to raise $14,000 in funding so that two of our group homes could be outfitted with accordion-style hurricane shutters. We put forth a concerted effort to get the word out, utilizing social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, sending out mailers to the general public, creating promotional videos designed to educate and inspire, while complementing it all with an email campaign designed to introduce and inform the greater community on what could be accomplished together.

Now that Give Miami Day has concluded, we can happily say that our generous supporters recognized the importance of our mission to support people with disabilities despite these difficult times all of us find ourselves in.

We are proud to announce that, THANKS to all our wonderful supporters, we raised over $23,000 for our A Refuge from the Storm Hurricane Protection campaign!

In all our time participating in Give Miami Day, each year we would raise enough to cover just one home. However, thanks to the funding received this year, we can now cover three homes, offering better protection to eighteen individuals with disabilities that currently reside with Sunrise! This is a great accomplishment that we could not have reached without the support of over 80+ different donors!

Your generosity has not only helped us improve our ability to serve people with disabilities but has also inspired us, providing an example for others in the community looking to help people in need.

On behalf of the Sunrise Community team, but especially on behalf of the people we serve, thank you for your generosity!

If you missed out on our videos for the campaign, you can still watch them by clicking below!