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Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation’s Impactful Visit to Sunrise Community

Photo of a group of people holding up a large check for Sunrise Community

In an inspiring display of support and dedication, various legislators from the Miami-Dade County Legislative Delegation recently visited Sunrise Community. This memorable event not only fostered an opportunity for lawmakers to witness firsthand the transformative work being done at Sunrise, but it also included a check signing ceremony for a 2023 appropriations project of $402,000. 

Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, Representative Jim Mooney, Representative Alina Garcia, Anders Guttierez (Legislative Aide) representing the office of Senator Bryan Avila, and Raquel Zuniga (Legislative Aide) and Miguel Granda (District Aide) representing the office of Representative David Borrero. 

The visit by Miami-Dade legislators underscored the profound impact that elected officials can have when they actively engage with the organizations and communities they represent. Witnessing the compassionate care and dedication of staff members at Sunrise Community allowed the legislators to gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the vital role played by nonprofit organizations in bridging the gaps in support and services.

The highlight of the visit was the check signing ceremony for a groundbreaking appropriations project of $402,000. This funding will allow Sunrise to create a shelter-in-place project specifically tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities. The shelter-in-place project represents a crucial step towards providing a safe and empowering environment for people with disabilities, enabling them to lead fulfilling lives while ensuring their unique needs are met. The significance of this milestone extends far beyond the monetary value; it is a testament to the tireless advocacy efforts of Miami-Dade legislators who recognize the importance and potential of organizations like Sunrise Community.

The success of the visit and the check signing ceremony would not have been possible without the unwavering dedication of the Miami-Dade legislators who champion the cause of people with disabilities. By lending their support and influence to projects like the shelter-in-place initiative, they are effecting tangible change that will have a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez and Representative Tom Fabricio for sponsoring this appropriation. Their commitment to creating a more inclusive society is an inspiration to us all. Together, through collaboration and empathy, we can continue to build a brighter and more equitable future for individuals with disabilities.