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Villa 3 Wins Arts and Crafts Contest

Abi Kurian, Day Program Supervisor for the Eureka Day Program promoted an arts and crafts contest amongst the residents throughout the South Miami-Dade Operations.  The inspiration and enthusiasm displayed was truly heartwarming. The contest included many displays such as a ‘Thank You’ posterboard in appreciation of the Direct Support Professionals and nurses who provide support day in and day out.  As well as a vacation beach house that shows where those living in Villa 6 want to visit once we are all able to travel again.  The displays also represented the strength shown by staff, residents, and family members to promote an environment where they work hard to keep each other safe. Although all the entries presented by each home were incredible, the winner of the contest was Villa 3!  This home won the contest as their art presentation not only included an amazing art display, but it also involved the participation of the Class of 2020. It was a COVID-19 safe graduation for those living in Villa 3 who are graduating this year! The graduation was recorded and shared with their families. The arts and crafts contest turned out to be loads of fun and a huge success.