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United Way & Otis Elevators Adds a Splash of Color!

One of the best and most engaging ways to completely transform the atmosphere of any room is by giving it a fresh coat of paint. United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut and their corporate partner OTIS Elevators were kind enough to do just that a couple of weeks ago at Sunrise’s Day Program in Hartford, CT. 

In the span of just a few short hours, the dedicated volunteers at OTIS Elevators created a more engaging space for the people Sunrise supports. Gone are the bleak grey walls, replaced with soft, joyful blues and tranquil pastel yellows. Instead of an overcast sky, the individuals we support can now enjoy a room filled with blue skies and sunlight, even without windows!

The previously neutral walls
Alternating “Firefly” yellow and “After Rain” blue walls create a happier and more engaging atmosphere.

OTIS Elevator volunteers, led by Kate Versprille, not only painted the walls, but touched up the trim, replaced the doorstop and painted it to match, and ensured our exhaust vents were spotless.

One of our dedicated OTIS volunteers making sure the trim looks as great as the freshly painted walls

As happy as Sunrise staff has been over the colorful change, what remains most important is how the individuals we support feel. In that regard, we are pleased to report that upon seeing the newly painted room, several individuals, like Jose, expressed their approval with beaming faces and dances. 

Upon asking for his approval, Jose gave the room a “thumbs up” and excitedly exclaimed, “I love it!”

All of us at Sunrise are grateful for United Way and OTIS Elevators’ support of people with disabilities and their incredible effort in demonstrating just how valued and cherished they are by the community. Much like this fresh coat of paint, we look forward to a new era in partnerships and collaboration at the Hartford Day Program!

The incredibly dedicated OTIS Elevators Volunteer Team!

United Way of Central and Northeastern Connecticut & OTIS Elevators… we thank you!