The Nautilus Shell Holiday Ornament

About the Ornaments

We are thrilled to introduce our exclusive collection of handcrafted Nautilus Shell holiday ornaments. The Nautilus is a mysterious deep-water mollusk that has remained unchanged for more than 400 million years, fascinating many with its intricate spiral shell. The chambered nautilus is one of the oldest creatures known to survive in the Earth’s oceans. It symbolizes nature’s grace in growth, expansion, and renewal.

This 30th annual, limited edition series is made by people with disabilities at Sunrise Community of Northeast Florida’s ceramics studio in Daytona Beach, FL. These ceramic holiday ornaments are not only stunning pieces of art but also a symbol of empowerment and inclusivity!

Spread the joy and share this page with your friends and family so they, too, can support artists with disabilities this holiday season! We appreciate your involvement in our endeavor to embrace diversity and creativity during this festive season.

About the Artist

Inspired by the beauty of the nautilus sea shell, artist Candone Wharton has brought this timeless design to life. Each ornament is a miniature masterpiece, capturing the intricate patterns and delicate spirals of the nautilus.

General Information

These ornaments are available in limited quantities, so don’t miss your chance to own a piece of art that also makes a difference.

  • Available for purchase October 15th
  • Pre-orders up to November 1st
  • To have the ornament by December 25th, orders must be placed by December 15th.

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