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Continuing the Fight Against COVID-19

The safety of our staff, their families, the community, and the persons supported by the organization is paramount. For Sunrise, this has meant taking all precautions and measures to safeguard against COVID-19. The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine makes it possible to take our efforts a step further and has brought new hope for health and wellness.

From the onset of the pandemic, safety efforts across the organization have been plentiful. All operations and National Headquarters have made cleaning and sanitization a consistent priority. Additionally, personal protective equipment is available for all employees. We also do our best to keep each other safe by complying with COVID protocols. This includes daily temperature checks at the beginning and end of the business day and completing daily symptom check forms.

Throughout the agency, many Sunrise employees have elected to receive the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Some staff shared their reasoning for obtaining the vaccine:

 “The reason I took the vaccine is to protect myself and my community from COVID-19. After receiving the vaccine, I had no side effects, only a sore spot at the site of injection. Thank you, Sunrise, for allowing me to take the vaccine.” 

– Debbie Canada, Program Support Assistant

“I was very apprehensive about taking the vaccine with all the chatter about the new medication.  To calm myself down, I did my homework and read the research on both the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines. I asked questions and then I weighed the reasons why I should take it and why I shouldn’t. I decided to take the COVID-19 vaccination which honestly didn’t hurt, as it certainly beats the alternative of getting COVID-19.  DO THE RIGHT THING and get the vaccine!” 

– Marcella Henry, Compliance Officer

“The reason I got the vaccine is because I have diabetes and did not want to risk my health or the health of others that I care for by catching COVID. I have felt the same since getting my vaccination and have had no side effects.” 

– Brandan Burnau, Direct Support Professional

We are always looking for ways to strongly encourage all Sunrise employees to get the vaccine. At one of our locations Dan Childs, Behavioral Specialist, felt compelled to further emphasize the importance of getting vaccinated. He, like many others, held some skepticism about receiving the vaccine. One day, while watching reruns on ESPN early in the morning, Dan had an epiphany and realized that this small gesture could potentially save his life and the lives of others. After this sudden moment of clarity, Dan went over to the mall and created an eye-catching t-shirt design with a simple and unapologetic message.

Dan noticed how many theories and speculation were roaming around the internet, primarily among younger generations. Why would people decide to hate something that could save their lives?

Enough said.

Dan started to consider the conversations taking place on a national level and how they were fueled by propaganda. Public health issues are not political.

Dan knows COVID-19 is a life and death matter. Receiving a vaccine could save the lives of so many.

When a photo of Dan and his t-shirt reached Zach Wray, President & CEO of Sunrise, he knew this needed to become something larger and decided to replicate Dan’s t-shirt design. Dan was honored when Zach surprised him with the news that he was sharing his vision!

“It’s a tremendous feeling. I feel great about that. I really do. It inspires me even more, just to know I could have that kind of impact. It’s an honor.”

– Dan Childs, Behavioral Specialist
Pictured are Zach Wray, Dan Childs, and Jameson Dormann wearing their Sunrise COVID-19 t-shirts. The t-shirts are bright red with black letters.
Zach Wray (left), Dan Childs (center), and Jameson Dörmann (right)
Dan Childs showing off his creation.

One of the incentives we are pleased to offer all employees who receive both doses of the vaccine is a Dan Childs limited-edition vaccination t-shirt. We hope to spread awareness about the importance of getting vaccinated and helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.