"A Compliance Officer is a corporate official responsible for overseeing and managing compliance issues within the organization, ensuring that the company and its employees are abiding by its internal policies and procedures."

- Marcella Henry, Chief Compliance Officer

The Sunrise Compliance Program is based on three principles:

  • 1
    Ensure that the organization remains free from systemic fraudulent activities.
  • 2
    Assure that all employees consistently perform their duties and responsibilities in accordance with principle one.
  • 3
    Proactively promote good, sound business management practices throughout the organization.

At Sunrise, we believe in creating a work environment that promotes and encourages our employees to practice good work ethics, adhering to all regulatory requirements and established standards.

We promote transparency in our relationships and an open environment for our employees, contractors, and vendors. To access all Compliance-related information, please click on the underlined areas below.

The Sunrise Compliance Program Charter was adopted January 31st, 2007 by the Board of Directors.

The Deficit Reduction Act Addendum which is provided to all employees upon employment.

Sunrise Whistleblower Protection Policy & Procedure

The Sunrise Compliance Program DVD provides an introduction to all employees, directors, vendors and contractors on the program.

Sunrise Community HiTech DVD

Sunrise Community Code of Conduct

Sunrise Community Code of Conduct DVD

Sunrise Community Administrative Code of Conduct DVD

To report any Compliance concerns please click on Reporting Compliance or Compliance Hotline.

The Sunrise Compliance Program promotes the “Do The Right Thing” message to all our directors, employees, contractors and vendors.