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Commitment to Service: Celebrating Oliguine Robergeau!

Dark blue banner with a photo of DSP. Next to the photo there is a white and yellow Sunrise logo and the text "Commitment to Service: Celebrating Oliguine Robergeau!"

Oliguine Robergeau is a very selfless and committed Direct Support Professional who has been working for Sunrise Community, Inc. for nearly twenty-one years providing exceptional services to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Throughout her time working with the agency, she has taken care of the individuals as though they are her very own loved ones.

Oliguine has always ensured that individuals receive person-centered support by respecting their rights and offering them choices according to their preferences, likes, and dislikes. She consistently interacts with the persons supported to ensure they are socially stimulated.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, Oliguine truly demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond. The home that she was assigned to work in was adversely affected with COVID-19, and several of the individuals became exposed. This occurred in the early phase of the pandemic when people were afraid to interact with individuals who had been exposed to COVID-19. However, Oliguine volunteered to work in a quarantine section of the facility with individuals who were exposed.

She provided one-on-one care to these individuals placed in isolation areas, not fearing the possibility of getting COVID-19. In addition, she worked extra hours covering shifts for staff who became ill and had to be placed on leave for fourteen days quarantine. When physical visitation was restricted at the facility, she ensured individuals in her home got the opportunity to consistently communicate with loved ones via face time on the telephone.

Over the last twenty-one years, Oliguine has served as an outstanding advocate for the people we serve.

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