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Care Is In the Air

Blog Cover with the title "Care is in the air" and a subheading that says "Celebrating the importance and beauty of caregiving." To the left there are two images of advertisements in Times Square and Washington D.C. The photos are of people with their caregivers.

On National Caregivers Day (February 18th, 2022), Care Can’t Wait, in partnership with Caring Across Generations, NDWA, and Hand in Hand: The Domestic Employers Network kicked off a month-long #PortraitsOfCare campaign across Times Square and throughout Washington, D.C.

The campaign features photo portraits, captured by renowned celebrity photographer Shayan Asgharnia, of people with disabilities, aging adults, care workers, and family caregivers of distinct races, genders, abilities, and ages— none of whom are professional models. Portraits of Care paints a beautiful and powerful picture of how the lives of people all around us are shaped by care and caregiving. The ads incorporate a weblink where individuals can hear interviews of the care teams sharing their experiences.

The images are part of the Communities of Care art installation created by art activist and Women’s March co-founder Paola Mendoza. The campaign’s goal is to pay tribute to the beautiful and crucial caregiving that occurs in our homes and communities every day and to push for greater visibility and acknowledgment of caregiving in its many forms.

As the largest minority in the world, people with disabilities rely on support from caregivers. Unfortunately, caregiving is still an unrecognized field because it can take place in homes and is often done by women of color. Throughout the pandemic, people throughout the nation have struggled to receive the necessary support and care they need for themselves or their families. The Portraits of Care campaign is doing a miraculous job of showcasing the beauty and importance of this field and those who actively work to improve the lives of others.