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55 Years of Bright Sunrises for Those With IID – Our 55th Anniversary!

June 2020 will mark the 55th anniversary of the incorporation for the organization that became known as Sunrise Community. During those 55 years, we’ve had the honor and privilege of helping thousands of people with intellectual developmental disabilities (IID), move from institutional settings into homes within the community. Our anniversary brings with it a renewed sense of dedication to the people and families we serve.

From our modest beginnings in South Florida, we now provide services in seven states, and hope to expand services to South Carolina and Pennsylvania in the near future. We’ve grown from serving a small group of 50 individuals to serving over 2000 and have grown internally to over 3000 amazing employees.

On this, our fifty-fifth year, we’d like to thank our employees for their hard work and dedication. Each day they treat the people they serve with respect, dignity and compassion. We should all be thankful for the profound difference they make in the lives of those served. All of our employees are committed to providing unique opportunities to the people we support and making each day meaningful for them.

We believe, to make each day meaningful requires more than just a traditional group home, it requires options. That’s why Sunrise Community has made it a point to offer a variety of residential options to people depending on their level of need and support. Our goal is to tailor their needs with the solution. We also emphasize the need for day options, so people with IID have daily interactions within their community. To us, being part of the community means more than simply living in a home in that community.

Because we foster self-realization and help build self-esteem in those we serve, we’re always seeking new opportunities and new services to provide where they currently aren’t available. We understand that every individual’s needs vary and there is no “one size fits all”.

The next 55 years looks bright for Sunrise Community and those we serve. We will continue on our mission to provide services where there is a need and to expand our programs.

In conjunction with our fifty-fifth anniversary, we’ve redesigned our website. We’ve made it as intuitive and easy to use as possible for those we serve and their families. You can find answers to your questions and learn more specifically how we can serve you and your family. Or, call us at (305) 596-9040 to learn more. You’ll be hearing more from us in the future on how we plan to celebrate this historic milestone.