The FARF Annual Meeting

By Niles Dookie on October 1, 2018

This year, we are proud to announce that three members of the Sunrise family received awards at the 42nd Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (FARF) Annual Meeting! In the coming week, we will be featuring each of these recipients as a means of honoring their achievements and thanking them for their dedication to serving and supporting people with disabilities.

These are significant accomplishments, but those unfamiliar with FARF may wonder why. To explain, the Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities has existed since 1969 and its primary mission has always been the promotion of interests that serve people with disabilities. FARF has consistently fought and advocated for providing quality services to people with physical, intellectual, emotional, or social support needs. This association is a state-wide, influential organization whose membership is comprised of services providers, like Sunrise, with similar objectives. Their 18-member board of directors is comprised of elected representatives from its member organizations and also includes two additionally designated seats for parents of individuals with disabilities. In their own words “Many of its members are considered pioneers in the disability field and are nationally and internationally recognized for their contributions.” This well-respected association works collaboratively with other state-wide associations and service providers to protect the interests of individuals with disabilities, while also furthering their own mission.

In other words, the awards that FARF bestows carry significant weight and are awarded only after thoughtful consideration. It is both an honor and a humbling experience to be recognized for service among a multitude of equally dedicated and caring service providers. Be sure to look out for our upcoming posts to learn more about our award recipients and their inspiring dedication to serving people with varying abilities.