Thanks Pinellas County!

By Niles Dookie on April 9, 2019

Since 1996, Sunrise Community’s St. Petersburg Adult Day Training Center has provided the surrounding community with an environment in which people with varying disabilities can spend their days learning to overcome barriers, learn new skills, and develop lasting relationships with others in their own, figurative backyard. However, over its years of providing services to the community, our center has found itself in need of a little updating and refreshing.

With that in mind, Sunrise developed a special road-map for transforming our center into a more vibrant and inviting environment in which people with disabilities can discover their best selves and thrive. Our first step was the removal of the first floor carpeting and vinyl tile, to be replaced with healthier, safer porcelain tiling throughout.

However, replacing the flooring of our sprawling ADT Center would be a costly endeavor. Thankfully, Pinellas County acknowledged the need for such renovations and Sunrise was awarded enough funding through the County’s Community Development Block Grant program to ensure our project’s completion to the highest standards.

Such a clear demonstration of support from Pinellas County for people with disabilities is encouraging and inspiring! After all, nothing motivates a person more, than knowing others care about their success.

We are only in the beginning stages of this exciting new project. But we will be sharing our progress along the way so that everyone can enjoy our center’s transformation from a building in need of a little love and care into a flourishing community center that we can all be proud of.

From the people we support to our dedicated Direct Support Professionals and the Sunrise team, thank you Pinellas County!