Sunrise Is Thankful

By Sunrise Group on November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate our nation's rich culture and diversity, which can only be found in a nation of immigrants As traditional, adopted, and blended families like those living in our community homes gather across the country, Sunrise would like to extend our appreciation to those we serve and their loved ones. We recognize that it is a privilege to care for and advocate for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Thank you for trusting us to create a caring community for a person you love.

Equally as important are the dedicated staff and our donors that allow us to achieve our mission every day. Thanks to the personal commitments of 3,200 employees, Sunrise is able to ensure that the people we serve lead meaningful and engaged lives in local communities across the east coast. We are extremely grateful to our direct support professionals because they care so deeply about the people we support. Without question, the opportunity to work with people with intellectual disabilities is a life-changing and live-giving experience. Everyone in the Sunrise family is thankful for the lessons taught by those we serve as well as their unique abilities, personalities and the gifts they bring to the world. We are better because of it.

Sunrise wishes you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving!!