Sunrise Community of Central Florida Celebrates Employee Appreciation Week

By Sunrise Group on June 10, 2016


Sunrise Community of Central Florida celebrated Employee Appreciation Day with an “All the Pieces Fit When We Work Together” theme. Executive Director, Ashley Green, recognized employees in various Central Florida location for excellence and dedicated service helping individuals with cognitive and physical challenges stay connected to their families and the local community.

 President & CEO, Les Leech said, “”Thanks to the commitment of our direct support staff, the quality of the lives of people with disabilities are enriched and improved every day.” Green added, “This event serves to honor staff and to reinforce pride, dignity, and respect for the key role they play in allowing Floridians with disabilities to live successfully as valued members of the community.” Sunrise of Central Florida’s celebrated Employee Appreciation day from June 6th to June 10th, 2016.

Highlighted award winners from the week included:

 “Director Award” – Bartow 2016
Tamara McMillan, commonly known as “Ms. Tammy”; came to Sunrise Community 1995, she worked for six years as a Training Instructor. In 2001 she left to pursue other opportunities, but in 2007 she returned because of her love for the individuals and staff here at Sunrise. Shortly after returning she was promoted to a Home Manager. Tammy goes the extra mile at all times to make sure the individuals as well as the staff needs are met.
You are always standing in the gap. Without you, I would not be able to fulfill my commitment to the Organization. On behalf of the entire team at Bartow we want to extend this Director’s award to you, and to say thank you for your tremendous contribution to Sunrise Community Bartow.
Written by: Daisy Coates

 “Director Award” – Hardee/Highlands 2016
Barbara Smith has been a Sunrise employee since 2011. She is and continues to be the role model for all staff. Her dedication and ability to ensure the health and safety of the complex individuals are remarkable. She has the ability to keep harmony and teamwork in the home which in turn gives comfort to the individuals we serve. Leadership, dedication, walks the talk, sense of humor, compassionate, organized and highly motivated are the characteristics that describe this remarkable, outstanding RPD and coworker.
Written by: Mary Ellen Bate

 “Director Award” – St. Petersburg 2016
Janice Homer will celebrate 30 years working for Sunrise in July. Janice works as a Housekeeper and Program Concierge at St. Petersburg Adult Day Training Program. She is a shining example of Customer Service! She is passionate about helping and advocating for Individuals Served. She has a wonderful relationship with each Individual and many seek her out when they need assistance. Her co-workers all respect her and she shares her knowledge with them. She supports the Direct Support Staff in many different ways such as setting up routines for them and ensuring that they have what they need to serve Individuals. Written By: Kym Mason

 “Director Award” – Lakeland 2016
Kielande Destin started her journey with Sunrise Community as a DSS in 2010 and then took on additional responsibilities being a Lead Direct Support Staff for two group homes in 2014. She excelled in this position and as of February 2016 she became a Residential Program Director of the Fulton Green and Brookwood homes. She is goal driven, self-motivated and team oriented. She is ALWAYS more than willing to help without even needing to be asked! Kielande is filled with compassion for those we serve. She puts the individuals needs above all else. She is a parallel leader and has shown this repeatedly by working alongside her staff. I often hear Kielande giving praise to her staff. It is not unusual to walk into her homes and hear laughter ringing throughout. She has been our Emcee, decorator, planner of events but most of all a role model to those near her. I am very proud of you Kielande and all your accomplishments. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication. Written by: Heather Davis

 “Director Award” – Volusia/Seminole 2016
Jean Wiggan has been with Sunrise Community for ten years. During this time the individuals have grown to love her and depend on her. Jean is attached to the ladies at Augustine Court and treats them with love and respect. Jean was selected for the Director’s award because of all the great qualities that she brings into the work place. As a veteran employee she is a leader, she takes ownership for the shift and is always setting a good example. She is encouraging and helpful to her co-workers and Managers, and dependable.
Written By: Eva Wright

 “Excellence In Service” Award 2016
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to Takesha Bell for being such an extraordinary employee. Takesha started with Sunrise as a Direct Support Staff in 2010 and in April of 2015 became the Residential Program Director for the Augustine Home in Volusia County. Every time I visit the Augustine home everyone exudes with happiness. I am extremely impressed with the way Takesha keeps her staff motivated and focused, even in the midst of several challenges. She ensures that the needs of the people we serve are first priority and that each person in her care is receiving optimal service from Sunrise. Takesha, I appreciate your willingness to help wherever needed. Your tenacity and motivation inspires all of us to want to do better. Your hard work and dedication makes an enormous impact on the lives of the people we serve. Thank you for giving Sunrise Community your best but most of all thank you for being YOU! Written by: Ashley Green

The week long event and employee recognition helped to raise awareness about the positive impact that publicly-funded long term supports and services for Florida’s families have as well as the benefit of bringing greater diversity and enrichment to the area. Everyone was a winner!