Sunrise Appreciates Esserman International's Generosity On #GivingTuesday

By Sunrise Group on December 2, 2016

After watching the progress of the #GivingTuesday movement since its inception in 2012, Sunrise decided to go “all out” in 2016 and we kicked off 15 local initiatives across five of our seven states. Projects ranged from an Early Literacy Library in the Greater Tampa Bay area to sensory integration rooms and assistive technology as well as funds for warm winter clothes for Eastern Tennessee. Unfortunately, fires in the Great Smoky Mountains interrupted three projects in Tennessee on Tuesday as we re-directed efforts to support victims of the natural disaster. That is when Esserman International in Miami swept in with an unexpected donation to Sunrise! Thanks to Esserman's generosity and an online campaign, Sunrise received funds to help with emergency funding.

Esserman International embodies the spirit of holiday giving and serves as a model corporate citizen throughout the year. Charitable giving is an integral part of the company's identity. Throughout the year, Esserman hosts #VoteForCharity online fundraising events. Sunrise was the winner of their October #VoteForCharity. Accordingly, it was very fitting that funding for the award was distributed on #GivingTuesday which is also strongly promoted by Esserman International. The company's owners, employees and customers are deeply engaged in the community. Thanks to their generosity, Sunrise can continue our mission of building a more inclusive, diverse and accessible community for people of all abilities.

On behalf of all those we serve, our deepest appreciate to Esserman International. Thank you and Happy Holidays!