Summertime Gardening in Greeneville

By Sunrise Group on July 18, 2016

 Therapeutic Gardening has blossomed throughout the Sunrise System. Our first raised beds for seasonal planting sprouted up in Thomasville, Georgia. The green-thumb epidemic quickly spread to Tallahassee, Florida. And despite the summer heat, dedicated gardeners with disabilities in Greeneville, Tennessee are transforming their front yard flower beds into serene landscapes.

Gardening is an integral part of Sunrise’s mission to “enable people with developmental disabilities to lead valued lives in the community. The opportunity to actively participate in society and to learn and grow in the community is vital. Sunrise’s group home residents take pride in the transformation of their home environment where they exercise their independence and work towards common goals. They see projects through from start to finish,  learning about their own abilities and striving to meet their fullest potential. Planting transforms. It empowers residents to care for another living thing and restores a sense of control for many who lived their entire lives in state institutions.

The cyclical nature of gardening with its annual cycles of dormancy and rebirth speaks to persons of all abilities. Gardening creates a place of serenity, peace and order for its participants. After a hard day’s work in the soil, Sunrise gardeners like to wind down and wait for the fish to bite. This is what summer time is all about!