Publix Charities Touches Lives

By Niles Dookie on December 19, 2019

During the holiday season, we often reflect on what we might receive. However, it is important to also practice a spirit of giving. Especially since the pleasure we derive from giving to others is unfathomably stronger than the often fleeting happiness of a new gift. It is with that spirit in mind, that we wanted to share with you just how impactful the right support to others in need can be.

Exemplifying a giving spirit, Publix Charities awarded our Lakeland-based Adult Day Training Center financial support to cover the cost of services to people with disabilities in the community. Their funding has allowed for 8 more individuals to receive the vital care needed in order to live more independently.

One such person is Beverly. Beverly is a woman whose use of a wheelchair was constantly at odds with her highly spirited and enthusiastic personality. She loves to socialize by using a combination of sign language, facial expressions, and gestures. However, Beverly did find herself struggling with one particular aspect of her life more than any other.

Beverly needed to make improvements to her health. Specifically, Her blood pressure had gotten too high. In fact, in order to prevent her blood pressure from rising any higher, she was prescribed medication. Thanks to the funding Publix Charities provided though, Beverly was able to get the assistance she needed to make a change for the better!

By working with the staff to develop a diet and exercise regimen, Beverly was able to not only lower her blood pressure, but was able to discontinue use of her previous blood pressure medication entirely. She learned the importance of healthy dietary choices and learned exercises she could perform right from her wheelchair. Most of all, she learned the importance of staying motivated even when things became most challenging and benefitted greatly as a result.

All of us at Sunrise are grateful for Publix Charities’ partnership, enabling us to better reach people like Beverly in the community.

Thank you Publix Charities!