It's that time of year --- St. Patrick's Day by guest blogger Hector

By Rebecca McGuire on March 10, 2017

Is it that time of the year to wear green again yet?? Of course it is. St. Patrick is around the corner. It's the traditional Ireland that we all love. It's the day that most people wear green, and whoever it's not wearing green, he/she gets pinched.

In college, I saw a few people wearing green on this day. I used to joke around people and pinched if they were not wearing green. Some people liked, some people did not. I only pinched people I know, and some cute girls to see how they would react. The cute girls just kissed me on the cheek, and the other people just gave warnings, " if you pinch me again, I will unplugged your chair (joke mode)," and I was like "bring it," and i took off as fast as i can. I was causing trouble like always lol.

I love this day because everyone gets to wear green. I think green is the color of life. It is a very calm color that brings peace and nature I think. Also, I think most people look good on green, I think it's a great color that fits everybody, specially the people that has green eyes like me lol.

As a tradition, I try to go out with friends this day because it's so much fun, and we can look out for each order. We usually celebrate in each other's houses because we don't like to go out, because people get sometimes crazy, but it all depends of what we want, or what we feel like doing that day.

So If any of you guys are going to go out this St. Patrick's day, please use precaution and don't let anyone drink and drive, call an Uber or a lift to come pick you up. Remember... think smart and wear green.