Inclusive Voices: "Rogue One" Is A Winner for Diversity

By Sunrise Group on December 15, 2016

Felicity Jones, center, leads a delightfully diverse cast in 'Rouge One' (DISNEY/LUCASFILM)

Felicity Jones, center, leads a delightfully diverse cast in 'Rouge One' (Image Credit: DISNEY/LUCASFILM)

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Guest Blogger: By Hector Valencia,

Some people might be excited for Christmas and the holidays, but there are who are more excited for the new Star Wars: Rogue One movie coming out. With almost two weeks of anticipation for this movie, some Star Wars fan that I know, including myself are watching all of the Star Wars movies, either for catching up, or just watching them just for fun.

Last year, since Disney owns Star Wars and the entire world I should say, some people were very worry because they thought Disney was going to ruin the saga, it turned out that people liked what they did episode 7. People were very pleased about the storyline including myself, I think they did a gray job. The way that they introduced new characters, and the development of the movie were great. Everybody was congratulating JJ Abrams for such great directing and producing the movie, that some people were sad because because he dropped the opportunity to direct Episode 8, but the good news is that he is still in charge of producing the movie. The bad news is we will have to wait a whole year to see that movie.

However, this Rogue One movie side story is coming out on Friday, December 16th. The story of this movie is supposed to be between episodes 3 and 4. It's going to introduce new characters that nobody has seen before. And I'm not sure, but I think the plot is based on the story of the Death Star and how was created. That was the little information that Disney have given to the audience, as far as trailers and articles. However, who knows what Disney world do, they like to keep everything in secret, which is great, but sometimes it frustrates because people like myself want to know. But I guess we will have to wait and see on December 17 what this movie is all about, and hopefully, it will not disappoint.