Inclusive Voices: Let Me Take A Selfie

By Sunrise Group on January 20, 2017

Inclusive Voices is a series of featured guest bloggers, including but is not limited to self-advocates, family members, Sunrise Board members, volunteers and other vocal advocates for people with disabilities. The independent, personal and unique views expressed here are meant to reflect the diversity of the greater disabilities community. We hope you will join us to help focus on all people, their talents, skills and accomplishments.

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Guest Blogger: By Hector Valencia, Volunteer & Self-Advocate

Last Saturday, I went to the Panthers game. They played the Columbus Blue Jackets. The Blue Jackets are the number one team right now. They had a 16 winning streak, which ended up when they faced the Washington Capitals three weeks ago. They trailed 5 to 0. That was the end of their record. The Panthers faced them last weekend, in which they beat them 4 to 3.

Columbus started the scoreboard with a early goal 7 minutes after the first period started. There were a couple of Columbus guys who started pushing Panthers players to start fight, but the Panthers players didn't fall for it, they remained calm.

Two minutes before the first period ended, Panthers scored their first goal to put themselves on the board.

On the second period, Columbus had a couple of shots on goal, and a couple of penalties for hooking and high sticking. Columbus scored their second goal of the night, but the Panthers came strong at the end of the period, with a late goal to tied the game.

Last period of the game, the Panthers came out strong, scoring two goals in less than 7 minutes The scoreboard was 4 to 2. However, Columbus had a power play with less than 7 minutes to play, but the Panthers played great defense to try to stop them, but Columbus scored their last goal of the night. The Panthers came out with the win after all. Everybody was happy because the Panthers beat the number 1 team in the league.

After the game, there were some signing by the Panthers player, only the season tickets holder though. It was my first time doing it. It was an awesome experience. A couple of players signed my hat, and I have the opportunity to take selfies with them. The players were nice guys. I will do it again when they have another event like that.