Inclusive Voices: Happy Mother’s Day

By Sunrise Group on May 8, 2016


Inclusive Voices is a series of featured guest bloggers, including but is not limited to self-advocates, family members, Sunrise Board members, volunteers and other vocal advocates for people with disabilities. The independent, personal and unique views expressed here are meant to reflect the diversity of the greater disabilities community. We hope you will join us to help focus on all people, their talents, skills and accomplishments.

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Contributed by: Kathy Gensler,
Member of Cape Coral’s Sunbeams Creative Writing Club

The Best Mom

My Mom was a very good mother. It makes me cry to think about her. I miss her very much even though she died many years ago. When I was little, my Mom took care of me and my brother and sister. We lived in Clintonville, Wisconsin. When I was old enough, my Mom took me to school. Mom cooked all the meals and cleaned the house too. Mom put me in bed at night and taught me how to pray. I also went to church and Sunday School with my Mom. When I fell and broke my leg dancing, I went to the hospital and got a cast put on my leg. I couldn’t walk so my Mom had to give me extra care along with my dad. My Mom also worked at the canning factory at night and she also worked at the meat factory. When Granddad got sick, my Mom helped him. When my dad got sick, he had an operation and then went into a nursing home. Then it was just my Mom and me until Dad came back home. He was there until he went to Hospice where he died. I went through a lot with my Mom while she was alive. She was very strong. I will always remember her with a smile.