Inclusive Voices: Competitive Employment

By Sunrise Group on April 27, 2016


Inclusive Voices is a series of featured guest bloggers, including but is not limited to self-advocates, family members, Sunrise Board members, volunteers and other vocal advocates for people with disabilities. The independent, personal and unique views expressed here are meant to reflect the diversity of the greater disabilities community. We hope you will join us to help focus on all people, their talents, skills and accomplishments.

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Contributed by: Gregory T. Hicks,
Member of Cape Coral’s Sunbeams Creative Writing Club

Working & Traveling

I work part time for a landscaping business on Wednesday and Fridays. We mow lawns, edge, cut trees and lay sod. We use a lot of power tools that a lot of noise, but you get used to it after a while. Laying sod is the hardest work to do. I also do some mechain work on cars with my pastor. We rebuild engines, replace brakes and change oil. The landscaping business pays me every Friday and my pastor pays me too. I like to save money in the bank for vacations to Trinidad, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Jamaica and Las Vegas. I do keep really busy working and traveling.