Inclusive Voices:

By Sunrise Group on January 6, 2017

Inclusive Voices is a series of featured guest bloggers, including but is not limited to self-advocates, family members, Sunrise Board members, volunteers and other vocal advocates for people with disabilities. The independent, personal and unique views expressed here are meant to reflect the diversity of the greater disabilities community. We hope you will join us to help focus on all people, their talents, skills and accomplishments.

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Guest Blogger: By Hector Valencia, Volunteer & Self-Advocate

On Friday night, I went to the Panthers game. I'm always go to the games because I'm a season ticket holder, and I love hockey. The Panthers played the Nashville Predators, which the Panthers won 2 to 1.

The Panthers goalie James Reimer made 28 saves, only allowing 1 goal in the third period.

The Panthers started scoring in the first period. G. McKegg was the one who started the scoreboard for the Panthers.

The second period was scoreless, as both teams played well on defense, keeping the puck away from their zones. Although, during the game, there were all fights that cost multiple penalties for both teams. They were five fights which cost both teams two minutes in the penalties box for each fight. I've been to a lot of hockey games in my life, and I have never seen so many fights in one game.

On the third period, it started scoreless for both teams, a couple of power plays that ended up without scoring, but the Predators tied game with five minutes left before the game ended, and I was like, "oh boy, here we go again," but luckily the Panthers scored three matches before the game ended. It wasJonathan Marchessault who saved the day, and gave the Panthers the victory.

On Saturday's night game, things did not go so well for the Panthers, as they faced the Boston Bruins. The Bruins defeated the Panthers 4-0.

The Bruins started to score on the first period of the game. I always do a Facebook live when I go to the games, and i was lucky to caught the first goal for the Bruins, it was kind of neat. It was scored by one of my favorite players Brad Marchand. Actually the Bruins are my number favorite team, so I was kind of happy and sad at the same time because I love the Panthers, so it was kind of hard to watch too.

On the second period, the Panthers still didn't respond back as they were still losing by one goal. However, the Bruins scored two goals in less than two minutes, and I was like "it was over for the Panthers." As the Panthers still went scoreless on the board at the end of the second period.Everybody knew the game was over by then.

In the last period, the Panthers ran out of energy, and it was all Bruins game. With four minutes to play, the Bruins scored their last goal of the night to make it 4-0. Panthers fans were walking out of the game before the game ended. I was sad, but at the same time I was happy for my Bruins.