Demonstrate a Giving Spirit

By Niles Dookie on November 19, 2019

It always feels great to give, but did you know why? Besides the obvious satisfaction of seeing that special someone’s face light up, a “Helper’s High” can result in lowered blood pressure, stress levels, and risk of depression!

Now that the season for giving has begun, there are all sorts of opportunities for us to give and get that “Helper’s High” in turn. But on Give Miami Day, all of us have the opportunity to stretch out what we can give just a little bit more to worthwhile causes all around the city.

For our part, Sunrise Community is raising funds to support our “Refuge from the Storm” Hurricane Shutter program. All of the funds raised will go towards outfitting one of our group homes with accordion-style hurricane shutters. After all, in South Florida there is no better time to start prepping for the hurricane season than at the end of the one before it!

On average, Sunrise has found that the cost of such shutters is typically around $8,000 per home. But the benefits certainly outweigh the cost. By supporting our fundraiser, you are helping to ensure the people we support have a safe refuge from the storm within the comforts of their own home. People with disabilities are far more susceptible to the physical inconveniences, dangers and potential psychological damage a hurricane can inflict. But having shutters that can be secured in a snap actually goes a long way in providing the necessary care and support required by the individuals we serve.

So in the spirit of giving, be sure to mark your calendars for this Thursday, November 21st and bookmark our page by clicking the banner below. Come that day, take part in the festivities by either giving what you can or sharing with your friends and family!

Individually, we can make a small difference. But working together is how we make dreams come true.

Thank you!