Dedicated DSP in the Spotlight: Greeneville, Tennessee

By Sunrise Group on August 12, 2016

Guest Blogger: Stacy Songer,
Director of Operations
Sunrise Community of Greeneville

It’s amazing how a hand-full of select people just seem to “know their dream job” even when most people are still trying to decide their career oath. Choosing the right career is tricky. Economist Neil Howe estimates that only five percent of people find a good career match on the first try. And even beyond this chilling stat, there’s so much external pressure to land the perfect job, follow your passion and be super successful by the end of your 20s. No wonder most people break into a cold sweat when asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

 That was never the case forSunrise Community of Tennessee‘s Josh Hensley. Josh showed up bright and early at 1705 West Main Street to complete an application for a Direct Care Staff position. Unfortunately, he completed both the paperwork and a stellar job interview BEFORE his 18th birthday. While both staff and Hensley were disappointed that his age temporarily disqualified him from employment with Sunrise, the setback did little to diminish Josh’s enthusiasm for the job, his compassion for those we serve or his determination to make a career in health care. As suggested, Hensley came back to Sunrise ON his 18th birthday and was quickly hired.

Josh was employed with Sunrise for five (5) years. During his tenure, Hensley completed nursing school and graduated from East Tennessee State University with a BA in nursing. He was always a an excellent care giver and even adopted a Sunrise therapy cat to support those he served. We are proud of all that Josh has accomplished and we wish him well as his will be moving out of the Greeneville area following his recent graduation. We expect nothing but great things from Josh as he continues his career and his commitment to the greater disabilities community. JOB WELL DONE!