Congrats Cassell!

By Niles Dookie on October 4, 2018

Champions are not simply born a champion. They come from all walks of life. They are formed and molded by their interactions with the world around them so that they can become someone greater than the average or expected, someone whose good example others would do well to follow. The “Circle of Champions” Award, by the Florida Association of Rehabilitation Facilities (FARF), is granted to people who raises the standard for us all. They are able to strike that delicate balance between unparalleled professionalism in their field and heartfelt compassion for the people they support. At the 42nd Annual FARF Conference, Mr. Cassell Brown has clearly demonstrated himself to be such a champion.

First nominated as a Direct Support Professional before being promoted to Lead Staff, Cassell’s peers and coworkers have described him as exuding an abundance of energy and infectious positivity. He has a unique ability to connect with others on a personal level, so much so that he was even presented with a Father’s Day card by one of the individuals he supports. As if there even needs to be any further confirmation beyond that!

Cassell is a reflection of what it means to truly care for and support people with developmental disabilities. He has been described as a father figure by those he cares for, a mentor to other staff members, and a role model we could all emulate. His ability to properly identify and preemptively resolve potential issues, the smiles that he brings to staff and individuals alike when simply entering the room, and his consistently pleasant demeanor is the very sort of approach to person-centered care we all should continue striving to foster.

So, congratulations Cassell! All of us at Sunrise are proud of you and the recognition your fine example has received. You have certainly earned your title of “Champion!”