And So It Begins.... Compliance Week 2016!

By Sunrise Group on November 28, 2016

Message From: Marcella Henry,
Chief Compliance Officer

Welcome to Compliance Week 2016!

For those Departments who are entering the RAP BATTLE VIDEO COMPETITION I look forward to seeing your creativity. Remember that you have until Friday December 2nd to submit your Video which you can upload to the attached above. Winners will be selected by the NHQ staff the following week on Thursday December 8th .

During this week there are two activities that I invite you access. They will result in winners and prizes for those who select the correct answers.

The first activity is a FUN activity. The Compliance Program has many Champions like you who are involved with making sure that throughout the 7 States everyone is aware and is “Doing The Right Thing”. There is a Compliance Committee which is made up of many of the Key Players within the organization. These members were once babies/kids/ young ones and teenagers. Your challenge is to take at look at the pictures and match the names to the pictures.

For those of you receiving these through SCOMM you have to go through the web browser like Google, Firefox, Internet Explored etc and enter the following:

Similarly, the second activity is a QUIZ that you are encourage to do that could result in Prizes for answering the correctly a certain number of questions.

Following the same instructions above, when using SCOMM, enter into the Browser of your choice, the following:

You can access both surveys through your smartphone, IPad,/Tablet/ Laptop and Desktop. Good Luck.

If you are receiving this as an email, please click on the following links to participate. and

You can access both surveys through your smartphone, IPad,/Tablet/ Laptop and Desktop.

All activities will end at midnight on December 2nd 2016.

Good Luck!!